Michelle Rosenfeld tours ArtBasel

In between celebrity sightings, cameras flashing, Blackberry's' buzzing and the non-stop flutter of art world deals - join ArtScoutTV + Michelle Rosenfeld as we navigate through America's TOP contemporary art fair, ArtBasel MIAMI/

Michelle's passion for Art started with her dad bringing her to see Artists in NYC and hiding the artwork (Avery,Soyer,Neel) underneath her bed, from her disapproving mom. Starting in 1970 Michelle developed a friendship with Larry Rivers whose parties introduced her to Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol (who photographed her!). Michelle is equally excited by a new $5,000 crayon artist's work as well as a $5,000,000 resale of a Picasso, she is selling something people don't need but want to enhance their life. "One flower, music, and a piece of art" create a less stressful environment. (NYTimes) Do look at her website as she says "If I didn't know myself,I would be impressed"!